5 Salary Negotiation Tips to Win More Money

For every $1 of salary earned by an American man, an American woman is paid .79 cents.

The wage gap still exists. Men and women are not compensated equally for level work and identical positions. Every professional at some time in their career sits at the proverbial table, negotiate wages, and request higher salaries in exchange for work value. Negotiation that effectively increases wages moves the population toward closing the gap. Execute these 5 strategies to put yourself in the best position to win more money.

Strategy #1 – Come armed.

While it isn’t a war – a negotiation is a contest of skill that requires arming oneself with information. The winner yields long-term gains by bringing the other contestant to a willing positive commitment. Prepare for your negotiation. Research comparable salaries by industry, position, and geographic region using tools such as Pay Scale, Bureau of Labor Statistics, or Our Jobs Rock. After identifying comparable salaries you want to “up the ante” by leveraging your experience and contribution.

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5 Salary Negotiation Tips That Will Win You More Money by @JoynicoleM