How to Craft Your Compelling Introduction

Imagine you have 2 minutes to introduce yourself to an angel investor determined to gift $5,000,000.00 US to a small business with a compelling story. How would you introduce yourself to this benefactor?

Most entrepreneurs would start with the basics and the flow would be something like this, “My name is Jane Q., I am the [CEO] of [The Company I Founded] and for 11 years I’ve been working in the [consulting] field with [insert client names here] and other companies to [save the planet from a zombie invasion].”  Not bad.

But not compelling, either. This type of introduction is more appropriate when you have the attention of the room for a set time and can “sell” your business and services through a presentation, training, or discussion. It concisely informs the listener regarding your experience and expertise – so they understand the reason you are “in front.”

A compelling introduction is used to sway the listener. It’s used when you need to capture attention and move it in your direction. This is when your introduction must be a story.

Here are 4 steps to developing a compelling introduction.

1. Begin with the end (start with the outcome).

Your opening statement should quickly demonstrate the purpose for your company’s existence. “Two weeks ago the winds of extraordinarily dry Saharan heat blew shards of glass-like sand across my clients’ cheeks. The team of 5 teachers battled heat stroke, shock, and death. Dehydration battered their kidneys and hearts. After 2 tortuous miles walking in an intense 110 degrees, they saw the brilliant neon glow of one of our well covers and using the battery-operated pump they were able to save the lives of every team member with distilled water drawn from the manufactured wells we dug across the desert for emergency situations like theirs.”

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