Reset Before the Release

Can you recall your last moment of undisturbed tranquility? Too often quiet and peace hide as we seek to describe the environment of our homes, our work spaces and relationships, the current climate of our nation. Yet, we require quiet peace to spark clarity and release profound energy. Author and leadership expert Karima Mariama-Arthur writes in her new book, Poised For Excellence: Fundamental Principles of Effective Leadership in the Boardroom and Beyond, “the most effective leaders ensure their lives do not resemble the bleakness of zero-sum games.” All movement ceases when there is no longer any stored power to continue course. We cannot survive if we are all work and no rest; all go and no stopping. There is an increased call for leaders to find time for self-care. Beyond health and wholeness, finding ‘white space’ triggers the moment where potential transforms into power.

You’ve no doubt witnessed this transition. It exists in the moment just before the runner bursts into the first step, the drawing in of breath immediately before the singer belts the note. The opening of fire-sparked eyes after a long, meditative blink. It’s the quiet before you email the finished plan. The tipping point is the moment of success; the magic moment when the idea or invention crosses a set threshold and spreads like a wildfire. We can view the tipping point as the outburst or overflow of moving energy in response to its proactive, engaged, and continuous storage (remember T’Challa’s Black Panther suit brilliantly designed by Shuri the genius?). The moment before this powerful release of stored energy is the moment to embrace your mental, emotional, and physical reset.

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